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    July 13 - 21: TOKYO
    July 22 - Aug. 2: THAILAND
    Aug. 3 - 4: BEIJING

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Island time: Caye Caulker, Belize

I’m sitting in a peaceful courtyard enclosed by three cheerfully painted beach houses as I take in the sights, sounds and smells of Caye Caulker, Belize. I’m watching what looks to be a giant cowbird taking a bath just a few feet away in what was probably meant to be a foot rinsing pool but … Continue reading

an anniversary

I’m feeling harsh nostalgic today about our trip last year, so I decided to look back at our blog and realized today, July 13th, is the date we took off for our honeymoon in Asia. A little spooky when things connect like that – almost like it’s embedded in my body’s internal clock – “Psst! … Continue reading

Sounds from our trip

While on our honeymoon we didn’t just take pictures, I did a large amount of audio recording. I feel these sounds help to recreate the environments that we travelled through and share our experience in a more immersive manner. You’ll hear cicadas, trains, rain, prayer bells and drums, a long-tail boat, a tuk-tuk, a pachinko … Continue reading

What are we doing now?

Now that we’ve had an amazing honeymoon and probably won’t have such an extensive, luxurious trip in quite a while, you may be wondering what we’re doing with ourselves now? We are starting to plan and soon build a laneway house in Tania’s parent’s back yard. Yep, it’s our first house. A very tiny one. … Continue reading

Hit the Links!

Here’s some links where you can learn more about the places we visited: http://www.roppongihills.com/en/ http://www.gonpachi.jp/en/casual/home/welcome http://www.kansuiro.co.jp/eng/ – Kansuiro Ryokan where we stayed in Hakone. If you stay you have to visit their beautiful outdoor riverside Onsen. http://www.herofield.com/bbq/wimpy/ – Go! Go! Wimpy http://www.thepinkcow.com/ – Pink Cow Restaurant http://maidreamin.com/en_index.html – Maidreamin Maid Cafe (The website is worth … Continue reading

Photos! Tokyo Day 3: Yoyogi Park & Harajuku

Clicking on the images below will bring you to my Flickr page and away from this blog, where you can view descriptions as well. I skipped day 2 because I didn’t bring my digital SLR with me that day – only film cameras and my iPhone, so that’ll be posted another day! Tokyo: Yoyogi Park … Continue reading

Photos! Tokyo – Day 1

A few photos from the Beijing Airport, then en route to Tokyo, and our first day in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. Clicking on the images below will bring you to my flickr page and away from this blog. Tokyo – Day 1, a set on Flickr.

woops! jet lag consumed us…

It’s been a week since our return to Vancouver, and it’s taken this long to find the energy to write about our final day in Asia. Apologies for our laziness. So… where did we leave off. Ah yes, we were supposed to spend a day and a half in Beijing, following the recommendation of our … Continue reading

Scottania turns 1!

Yesterday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I don’t think we’ll be topping this one for a while! After an early buffet breakfast at our resort’s poolside restaurant we took a speed boat out to Ang Thong Marine Park. The park is a collection of 42 Islands near Koh Samui and Koh Pangan. After a … Continue reading

Winding down

It’s getting to be closer to our return to reality, but first we are living a bit more of a dream out on Koh Samui at Anantara Lawana resort. We are celebrating our first wedding anniversary in our own private little pool villa which is simply beautiful. You would never know there is a main … Continue reading